Retailigence | Ad Tech Companies Use Retailigence adPOP Engine to Guide Mobile Shoppers and Drive Local Store Sales
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18 Jun Ad Tech Companies Use Retailigence adPOP Engine to Guide Mobile Shoppers and Drive Local Store Sales

Today, people want convenience. As Walmart CTO Suja Chandrasekaran recently put it, “it’s about having the right products, at the right place, at the right time, for the right price,” and that means available via the web, via mobile, and via the physical store.

Consumers want to research products in a physical store before buying online, a.k.a. Showrooming; and they want to research products online before buying them in the store, a.k.a. Webrooming. In fact, a recent Retail Perceptions report revealed 88% of online shoppers say they regularly participate in webrooming; and according to comScore, 60% of mobile consumers expect businesses to be within walking or local driving distance.

So, how can we make it easier for digital ad companies to make this process seamless and easily create dynamic location-based product messages to turn online consumers into offline buyers?

The Retailigence adPOP Engine announced today is making this a reality. The new engine enables our ad tech partners to easily integrate Retailigence’s powerful database of local point-of-purchase retail inventory and pricing data for 12 million products, spanning 100,000 U.S. retail locations, into their campaigns for brands and retailers.


Retailigence adPOP Engine provides a turnkey application programming interface (API), that integrates Retailigence data into programmatic advertising creative to deliver location-based user experiences through mobile and other digital advertising mediums.

Advertising partners using adPOP are able to:

  • Include retail location, logos, directions and maps that guide the user to the closest store with the product available
  • Display product logos and pricing for the retail locations closest to the user
  • Create personalized dynamic advertisements for users based on current location
  • Augment impression, click and conversion campaign data with Retailigence data for more product- and location-based insights

Leading digital advertising technology companies, including AdColony, Tremor Video, Medialets, PointRoll and XTOPOLY, have already begun using adPOP Engine. To learn more about how they are using adPOP to enable marketers to increase in-store product sales and collect valuable path-to-purchase data for their ad campaigns, please read their testimonials in our press release here.

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