adPOP Is The First Mobile Ad Solution For National Retailers and Brands Powered By Local Store Inventory Coupled With DSP Capabilities

Dynamically Embeds Existing Local Inventory Data Into Hyperlocal Ad Creative

adPOP’s dynamic ad engine takes inventory data from retailers, matches which nearby stores carry product in-stock, and automatically builds relevant, customized mobile display campaigns. This vastly simplifies the creative and targeting set up for hyperlocal campaigns with national coverage.

Raises Top-of-Funnel Brand Awareness

Mobile advertising is inherently intimate and lives in an uncluttered environment. By coupling this experience with a consumer’s location and interest, adPOP delivers the type of location-based engagement that can foster a positive retail brand experience.

Drives Bottom-of-Funnel Conversion

By running ads showing where to view, touch, and purchase products, marketers can close the gap between brand engagement and product purchase. By targeting ads to the zip codes of nearby stores where products are carried, adPOP is able to reach an audience most likely to convert.

Leverages Demand-Side Platform Capabilities

adPOP utilizes DataXu’s #1 ranked DSP to help marketers efficiently reach quality audiences at scale.

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