Retailigence | Beacon Messages: You Get ONE Chance, Make Sure It’s Accurate
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25 Sep Beacon Messages: You Get ONE Chance, Make Sure It’s Accurate

Beacons are the latest in a list of hot IoT technologies that savvy brands are using to reach consumers directly in a very personalized way. Beacon-triggered messages are personal by their very nature, as shoppers choose to download a designated app onto their phone through which they receive them. These are not pop-up or push notifications without any context, but instead are highly personalized, location-aware and app-specific messages. Finally, there’s a way for brands to target shoppers where, when, and how they want to be targeted.

In fact, a recent study of 100,000 mobile shoppers conducted by beacon-platform InMarket found that one in-store, beacon-triggered message resulted in a 45% interaction rate ­– a rate 5x higher than traditional push messages! Sounds ideal, but there’s one catch…

With beacon-triggered messages, you only get ONE shot.

That same InMarket study found that if a shopper was sent an additional beacon-triggered message (or 2 messages total), it resulted in a whopping 313% drop in app usage, a large portion of that being actual app deletions.

With one chance to engage a shopper via a beacon, the stakes are higher than ever. One critical way to ensure your message results in positive engagement is to provide shoppers with accurate pricing and inventory information – down to the aisle. Because Retailigence tracks inventory and pricing information for more than 12 million products across 100,000 stores, many brands have teamed up with us to create accurate, context-driven messages for specific SKUs that are in-store, potentially even ones that aren’t selling as well as expected.

Here’s a quick scenario: To be most effective, a brand sends a shopper their sole beacon-triggered message in a store with a coupon for a specific brand detergent. The shopper walks over to the aisle the message says it’s in only to find that specific brand detergent is not in stock. You’ve not only potentially irritated the shopper (to the point of app deletion), but you’ve also lost a potential sale. Because a second message will almost always result in app deleted, you missed your one chance to get it right.

Accurate product inventory is crucial to making brand promotions via beacon-triggered messages work. Without visibility into a retailer’s inventory, a brand is more likely to send messages containing out-of-date information and out-of-stock items, resulting in shopper frustration and perhaps even prompting the shopper to delete your app, which can impact all future communication.

To quote Chuck Martin from MediaPost, “Over beacon at your own peril;” and I’ll add, when you do use beacons, you get one chance to get it right so make sure the message is accurate.

To learn more about how real-time product inventory data can ensure your beacon-triggered campaigns have the right impact the first time, please email us at

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