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18 Apr ShopAdvisor Acquires Retailigence

Provides Publishers, Advertisers and Retailers with Unmatched Platform for Delivering Mobile Shopping Experiences that Drive Consumer’s Path to Purchase


ShopAdvisor, the leader in retail proximity marketing, analytics and mobile shopping, has acquired Retailigence, a provider of in-store product data and location services for facilitating a shopper’s path-to-purchase in brick-and-mortar stores. By combining ShopAdvisor’s ability to provide a personalized, data-driven content experience and access to more than 210 million online and local inventory products with Retailigence’s real-time intelligence on the availability of those products across 200,000 brick-and-mortar stores, consumers will have an unprecedented, end-to-end mobile-enabled shopping experience that can take them from product discovery to hyper-localized in-store purchases. Through this acquisition, ShopAdvisor has more than doubled in size and boasts a significant number of brand name customers spanning the media, brand manufacturers and retailers, including: Hearst, Time Inc., Conde Nast, Vince Camuto, Levi’s, GUESS, Kmart, Pepsico, P&G and Walgreens, among many more.

According to eMarketer’s “Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks by Industry” report, U.S. online ad spending in 2015 reached $58B, with $12B of that spent by retailers. Increasingly, this advertising is targeting consumers who use their smartphones as they shop, seeking to provide a more personalized, interactive and mobile-aware experience. Publishers including Conde Nast, Time Inc., and Hearst have already turned to ShopAdvisor to help them enhance their digital content and tailor it for mobile shoppers. These organizations and their brand and retail partners will benefit from the combination of ShopAdvisor and Retailigence as it provides them with the industry’s most powerful platform for presenting shoppers -- through their smartphones -- with the right product offers at precisely the right time, using the right contact methodology that will drive them into stores and spur purchases.


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23 Feb AMP Shopper Digital Partners with Retailigence to Deliver Location-based Shopper Activation at Scale

Partnership deepens access to Retailigence's product location platform and in-stock product data for mobile path-to-purchase messaging and measurement across digital shopper campaigns

Retailgence, a leading provider of retail intelligence for inventory-aware marketing and location-based shopper activation for brand manufacturers, and AMP Shopper Digital, a leading digital marketing & advertising agency focused on delivering solutions that drive shoppers to retail for global brands, today announced a partnership to jointly deliver location-based shopper activation working with AMP's preferred Ad-Tech partners in media buying, dynamic creative, optimization and measurement capabilities.

The companies will work collaboratively to provide advanced Geo-Targeting, Dynamic Creative and Path-to-Purchase Measurement capabilities, building off the Retailigence product location data platform. Working together, the companies will enable brand manufacturers to increase advertising relevance and efficiency by serving geo-targeted digital ads in and around retail stores with advertised products in-stock, avoiding stores out-of-stock, and guiding consumers with location-based secondary actions within the ad unit, including store directions, phone calls and more. As a result of the partnership, manufacturers working with AMP Shopper Digital will be able to leverage the combined expertise of the agency's integrated digital media strategy and execution as well as Retailigence's data technology in order to drive location relevance and incremental in-store product sales, insights and attribution. The ability to integrate and optimize large amounts of accurate product and location data quickly eliminates the time-consuming process of aggregating inventory data across retail partners to deliver performance and results quickly for marketers....

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06 Jan 5 Key Drivers of Omni-Channel Marketing for Brand Manufacturers in 2016

Building Successful Direct to Consumer Experiences and 
Inventory-Aware Support for Retail Partners Comes into Focus 

By Sherry Thomas-Zon, Retailigence CRO

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to help prominent brand manufacturers strategize their direct-to-consumer e-commerce experiences while aiming to balance relationships with their retail partners. It’s taken time for consumer goods manufacturers to strike the right balance to do both well, but as momentum builds to meet the consumer where they are—especially through geo-targeted mobile and social ad channels—consumer brands are quickly leveraging location data to attract and engage the consumers across channels, influencing both direct and in-store sales successfully.

Here are 5 drivers we see in omni-channel brand marketing as we enter the New Year: 

  1. Wider Recognition of Brands Providing Foundational Support for Retail Omni-Channel Strategy. As we look ahead this year, we believe broad category growth in location-targeted marketing and geo-data services is a direct reflection of brand manufacturers adjusting to a commerce industry still in the midst of a foundational transformation that is reshaping the retail value chain. It’s exciting and necessary to see more brands become comfortable investing in and proving out tactics to meet consumers alongside retail partners on the path-to-purchase. In this way, omnichannel brand marketing will further satisfy consumer demand for a seamless shopping experience that includes all buying options.
  2. Cross-Channel Attribution is Gaining Focus through Advanced Consumer Strategies and Location Marketing by Brands
. In addition to the obvious benefits of driving retail sales for channel partners, product location data and actionable analytics have the potential to lead to better brand-to-retailer visibility and cross-channel attribution. Marketing technology is closing in on the mobile-to-store gap. Measurable cross-channel influence and attribution by brands will follow quickly to become another component within the retail industry transformation.
  3. Brands Are Participating More Deeply With Retail Partners in the Mobile Shopper Journey, making solid investments in where-to-buy services and geo-and-store location ad targeting. Better product availability data and insights will not only improve marketing effectiveness but will ultimately provide greater transparency and increased collaboration between brands and retailers. Brands and retailers that work to share data and support customer personalization will rise to the top.
  4. Leveraging Location and Product Availability is Improving Advertising Efficiencies
. Brands are now consistently optimizing messaging directed to stores with products in-stock and, at the same time, gaining real-time insights on their products in the channel. Leveraging actionable insights, reducing wasted ad dollars, and optimizing marketing to deliver increasingly relevant and personalized customer experience is a winning combination for advancing omnichannel marketing strategy.
  5. Use of Product Inventory Data By Brands Increases Demand for a More Accurate View of Products available in the retail channel. For brands, inventory-aware marketing is quickly becoming a key feature in driving retail channel sales. It’s also an incremental step toward a real-time, localized view of inventory positions and product movement, aiding marketing optimization as well as potentially addressing supply chain challenges.

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02 Jun Retailigence wins ad:tech CPG Spotlight Contest

Competition acknowledges and rewards the most innovative digital marketing companies today

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 1, 2015 - Retailigence came out victorious among over 100 companies at the CPG Spotlight Contest on-stage by ad:tech in San Francisco, as judged by the fast growing brand Soy Vay, owned by The Clorox Company. For the contest, Retailigence was asked to provide examples of recent client projects and explain key capabilities within a specified budget. Judging was based on the following criteria:

  • Which company is likely to have the biggest overall impact on American culture and business over the next three years?
  • Uniqueness – a company that is bringing a new toolset or approach to a pertinent set of issues

Retailigence is the emerging leader in the explosive category of ”path to purchase” mobile marketing and in-store sales attribution. PepsiCo, Dell, P&G, Reebok, Anheuser-Busch use Retailigence real-time data to measure and directly increase in-store product sales and insights with any campaign, media or audience. This truly unique data set and infrastructure has been developed over the last five years and provides insights into product availability, prices and actual product sales from 200,000 brick & mortar stores. Traditional syndicated batch data sources fall flat in the real-time programmatic digital world. Retailigence real time, SKU level data and advanced software analytics ensures that a brand's marketing investments not only generate product/brand awareness and interest, but converts that shopper interest into measurable path-to-purchase actions, in-store sales, and ultimately a significantly better ROI.


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21 May Sizmek Partners with Retailigence to Drive In-Store Shopping Through Dynamic Ads for Mobile and Desktop

Open Ad Management Offering Enables Brands to Integrate Product Details and Store Location Information In-Ad

sizmek-new-logoAustin, TX, May 21, 2015 - Sizmek (NASDAQ: SZMK), an open ad management company for multiscreen campaigns, and Retailigence, the leading online-to-offline marketing platform for driving sales in stores, today announced a partnership that enables brands to incorporate real-time and offline shopping data into rich media creative on all screens, to drive in-store foot traffic and purchases at brick-and-mortar retail locations.

Through the partnership, Sizmek now enables brands to take consumers from click-to-brick by integrating the Retailigence database of more than 20 million products available at over 200,000 retail locations with dynamic location based messaging that turns online purchase intent to in-store conversion. Sizmek also enables marketers to seamlessly integrate Retailigence data directly into prebuilt ad templates to reduce the time it takes to launch campaigns.


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01 Apr CPGs Embrace Digital, Measurable Shopper Insights Critical To Success

A majority (75%) of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies “expect digital transformation to improve collaboration with retailers, which will improve availability and make the best use of shelf space,” to grow sales and market performance, according to the recent study CPG Sales Leaders Go Multichannel conducted by Forrester on behalf of Accenture. The study shows that CPG brands are “committed to digital collaboration with retailers to:

  1. Accelerate new product introductions,
  2. Improve store execution & availability, &
  3. Pool actionable insights to increase consumer loyalty, wallet share, and lifetime value.”
However, a discouraging 60% of the same respondents found it too difficult to deliver relevant and personalized content to engage consumers effectively through digital channels; and just 16% currently use the online channel to maintain the relationship with the consumer both in-store and elsewhere (to drive repeat purchases in the store)....

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13 Jan Mobile Video Ads Enable CPG To Measure Complete Purchase Path

Mobile video impressions more than tripled in 2014, according to Opera Mediaworks’ 2014 State of Mobile Advertising. In Q1 of 2014, Opera reported 11% of global ad impressions were rich media, but only 2.5% were video. At the close of Q3 2014, over 15% of ad impressions were rich media and a whopping 8.7% (more than half!) came from video. While Entertainment leads in adoption of mobile video ads, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) comes in at a close second.

opera-video-vertical Why are CPG companies flocking to mobile video in droves?
According to Opera, “The beauty of mobile video doesn’t just reside with the creative itself; the opportunity for brands to drive specific engagement after the video is viewed makes it a unique and attractive platform.”
But how does a CPG brand know the mobile ad has been successful and is actually driving post-view engagement?
While complete path-to-purchase metrics have been available in the online world for more than a decade, there has long been a need for a way to measure the consumer’s online-to-offline path....

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02 Dec Convenience Crucial This Holiday: BOPIS, Buy Buttons, and Better Inventory

A top priority for brand manufacturers and retailers this holiday season is customer convenience – providing shoppers with the ability to purchase and collect items where, when, and how it’s most convenient to them. To meet this challenge head on, brands and retailers are requiring fewer steps along the shoppers’ path-to-purchase: reducing clicks and form fields, and arming consumers with detailed inventory, pricing and location information across channels.

One trend making headlines this year is BOPIS, or retailers offering shoppers the convenience to Buy Online and Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS), which eliminates wait time in check-out lines and shipping fees. A recent study by parago found 54% of shoppers already BOPIS a few times a year. Amazon’s 1-Click Ordering is another great example of how e-commerce retailers are successfully shortening the path-to-purchase; in just one click, the purchase is completed and on it’s way!

Brands and retailers are also simplifying the purchase path for consumers through advertisements. As 75% of retail users notice mobile ads, and 21% of smartphone and tablet users click on these ads, smart brands are using detailed hyperlocal mobile ads to facilitate the shoppers’ path-to-purchase. Armed with detailed inventory, pricing, and location information from Retailigence, hyperlocal mobile ads make it easy for shoppers to find the products they want at the nearest brick-and-mortar store; like BOPIS, this kind of data provides shoppers with the information they need to eliminate wait time and shipping costs.


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20 Nov Retailigence and Aarki Partner to Offer Ad Networks Local Product and Pricing Content for Mobile and Rich Video Creative

Enable Highly Engaging Interactive Advertisements and Deliver Path to Purchase Measurement for In-store Sales

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Retailigence, the leading online-to-offline marketing platform for driving sales in stores, and Aarki, a leader in creative design and ad optimization technology, today announced a partnership that further streamlines and measures location-based advertising on mobile.

By integrating Retailigence into Aarki Studio, a creative design and ad optimization suite, Aarki enables marketers to quickly incorporate inventory and pricing data in their creative. This fosters development of more engaging and actionable creative in interactive advertisements, which helps drive consumers to stores. In turn, Retailigence continues to scale the use of its hyper-local store and product data across a growing ecosystem of customers and partners using mobile technology to drive in-store sales.


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04 Nov Retailigence and Gimbal Partner to Provide Personalized Shopper Targeting, Messaging, In-Aisle Engagement and Insights for Retailers and Brand Manufacturers

Deliver Cross-Retailer Platform for Brands to Leverage In-Store Beacons at Scale

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. November 4, 2014 Retailigence, the leading online-to-offline marketing platform for driving sales in stores and Gimbal, the leader in location and proximity mobile engagement, today announced a strategic partnership that integrates in-store merchandise insights from Retailigence with Gimbal’s contextual awareness and proximity mobile engagement, including proximity beacons that support Apple’s iBeacon technology.

Together, Retailigence and Gimbal deliver unprecedented visibility into retailers’ stores, providing both product and shopper data and insights. The solution marries in-store product availability data with in-store beacons so that marketers can advertise the right product at the right time in the right place. By connecting the digital shopper with their real-life buying behaviors, retailers and brands can craft local and regional campaigns, sending targeted messages to the right shoppers, at the right time, and then measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing initiatives.


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