Retailigence, Simplikate Ink Partnership to Bring Local In-store Product Inventory Availability and More to Airport Malls, Traditional and Non-traditional Shopping Venues

March 25, 2014: REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retailigence (, the leading Online-to-Offline (O2O) local marketing and commerce platform, announced today the company has partnered with Simplikate to offer mall operators and retailers mobile-to-store advertising solutions powered by Retailigence’s local product availability and location data. Simplikate ( is the award-winning mobile app developer specializing in venues including malls, airports and luxury real estate.

Using Retailigence’s platform, brands and retailers will be able to display in-store product digitally, while offering customers a mobile look at in-store product availability and collecting valuable metrics about shopper’s actual path-to-purchase behavior. This allows companies to engage directly with the consumer by avoiding a third-party information source. At the same time, consumers benefit from having real-time product information before making the decision to visit a store.

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Next Gen Shoppers Look Down, Not Up

When you go to the Mall, where do you look? Are you pausing at store windows to examine displays, hunting for a mall directory to find a particular retailer, or making a beeline for the nearest coffee shop?

Chances are, especially if you’re a Millennial, you’ll be looking down at your smartphone’s screen, hunting for deals on your shopping app. A recent trip to the Capitola Mall, one of partner Macerich’s flagship locations, shows the heads-down trend in full swing as a younger shopper, glued to her screen, glides by shops and window displays.

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How to Tie the Digital Shelf into Your O2O Marketing Strategies

In case we haven’t yet convinced you of the importance of the Digital Shelf, we’ve put together a short slide deck to help. It explains what the Digital Shelf is, why consumers have already adopted it, and why it’s important for brands and retailers to include in their marketing and O2O strategies.

Of course you can always download and read the full paper, “Why the Digital Shelf is Vital for Retailers and Brands.” We’d love to hear what you think about the paper – Tweet your comments to @retailigence, or check out our LinkedIn page.

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Keeping Your Brand in Front of Mobile Shoppers

Most shoppers have several patterns of acquisition: the necessity buy (think groceries), the loyalty buy (that special latte), and the opportunistic buy (items which could be purchased from any of several retailers). Necessity buys are price sensitive but location agnostic, as are opportunistic purchases. Savvy consumers do a lot of research for price-sensitive goods, often using mobile and desktop search. For brands and retailers the last mile is mobile search, and the straightest path to a sale is access to the mobile device deck.

This puts brands in a tough spot competing for space on the smartphone or tablet deck. If you’re Amazon, Starbucks or a bank, you may not have trouble getting a consumer to download your app, but for many brands and retailers this is a more difficult problem. Consumers are much more likely to price-shop, often using a mobile device with a search engine, but they’re unlikely to add your app to their device’s screen.

A solution to this challenge is the Digital Shelf. As discussed last week, the Digital Shelf offers consumers highly personalized, tailored shopping experiences combined with the selection and convenience of physical stores. Using the Digital Shelf to keep your brand in front of consumers lets you leverage third-party shopping apps, reduces your dependence on a custom-developed app, and opens up a new channel through which your brand and the consumer can connect.

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What is The Digital Shelf and Why Should Retailers Care?

Pre-shopping is the new consumer reality. Who doesn’t do research, compare prices and even put items in a shopping cart – without pushing the ‘buy’ button – these days?

For retailers, pre-shopping can torpedo sales, especially if you’re in a physical location. Selling against ecommerce giants who pack, ship and bill on the same day is increasingly challenging. Consumers can do more than showroom – they can choose another retail location, or stay at home and shop in their pajamas. So is local in-store shopping on the way out?

Well, no. In store shopping is still important, but it is more heavily influenced by mobile use.

Check out this list of statistics: Four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop (comScore); 64% of respondents to a Mobile Advertising Survey say they have made a mobile purchase after seeing a mobile ad; according to Point Inside, retailer apps with store information create 5x more engagement.

So how do retailers turn pre-shopping into an advantage, instead of a risk?

Dr. Phil Hendrix has an idea and it’s called The Digital Shelf. The Digital Shelf solves one of the challenges brick and mortar stores face today: tying store inventory to shopper intent and Internet search patterns.

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CES and the Coffee Connection

Sometimes all it takes to make a connection with a person – or a brand – is a cup of coffee.

We discovered the power of a cup of Joe in the extreme hustle and bustle that is CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. CES turns Las Vegas into a city obsessed with consumer technology. Everything from personal health monitors to cameras to audio equipment to coffee is on display, either on the show floor or in hotel suites up and down the Strip.

We were fortunate at CES to be able to present Retailigence and our technology solutions to Nescafe, a leading coffee brand owned by food giant Nestle. We talked with Nestle’s marketing team about Retailigence’s ability to generate awareness for the Nescafe brand and – here’s the magic – transform that awareness into consumer intent and sales.

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Mobile Shopping’s Bright Future, NRF’s BIG Show 2014 and Free Starbucks!

These are exciting times for brands and retailers, especially with the future looking exceptionally more dynamic for brick-and-mortar in 2014 and beyond. Mobile devices, location-based services, mobile advertising, and big data technologies are driving changes in the ways consumers shop and setting the stage for brick-and-mortar’s comeback against online only merchants. We’re thrilled to be part of retail’s next phase of innovation and evolution as retailers combine the conveniences of online shopping with a personalized in-store experience. We’re also excited to be in good company as we look ahead to brick-and-mortar’s bright future. You can see how closely Retailigence’s vision (See “Social, location and mobile will drive in-store sales.”) aligns with IBM’s predictions for retail in their annual “5 in 5.”

BIA/Kelsey analyst Michael Boland backs these trends as well. Quoted in a recent MediaPost mCommerce Daily article, Boland stated “’’About 7% of U.S. retail spending is online… the rest is offline. About 40% of that — to the tune of almost $2 trillion — is influenced online and in mobile.’” Boland goes on to assert the real opportunity for brands and retailers to grow revenue is to facilitate “mobile-assisted offline shopping.” That’s what Retailigence’s inventory-based mobile commerce and marketing solutions are all about. We’re looking forward to demo’ing our platform and solutions at this year’s upcoming National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Convention & EXPO – known as ‘Retail’s BIG Show’ – in New York City, January 12-15.

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Retailigence and Mojiva Partner to Offer Mobile-to-Store Advertising Solution for Brands and Retailers

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retailigence (, the leading Online-to-Offline (O2O) local marketing and commerce platform, announced today that the company has partnered with Mojiva to offer brands and retailers mobile-to-store advertising solutions powered by Retailigence’s local product availability and location data. Mojiva ( is the premium mobile ad network that reaches more monthly mobile devices than any other network. The combined Mojiva and Retailigence mobile advertising solution is available immediately.

Brands and retailers using Mojiva can now increase shopper engagement and in-store sales by optimizing their mobile advertising campaigns with local store product availability data powered by Retailigence. Shoppers engaged with locally-optimized product ads can quickly find the products and brands they want at the most convenient retail location where they can make a purchase.

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Do In-Store Sales Still Count? Join us at AdTech and Find Out!

It’s still critical for retailers and brands to drive in-store sales.

We hear a lot about the shift to online shopping – how consumers prefer to shop online, how they impulse-buy more often online, even how they hate to drive to brick-and-mortar retail locations. Yet for every analyst report or article touting the end of physical retail stores, there’s another heralding the return of shoppers to brick-and-mortar. What’s the real story?

We live in a mobile ecosystem. It’s that simple, and that complicated.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have dramatically changed the way shoppers interact with brands and retailers. What’s more, the growing popularity of mobile shopping apps combined with brand and product searches has created a wealth of data on consumer intent to shop and buy. Retailers and brands are adapting fast to the new mobile ecosystem, and they’re opting to keep in-store promotion as a central part of the marketing mix, with the help of technology. Retailigence is building a business on this shift in how retailers and brands are keeping pace with the mobile ecosystem.

Because we’re passionate about what we do, we proposed an adtech New York talk, How to Drive In Store Sales. To present at adtech, the talk must be voted in, and we were – as the #1 most interesting topic on an impressive list of presentations! On stage with us will be Wal-Mart leader Suja Chandrasekaran who will be sharing some of Wal-Mart’s own mobile and digital strategies for driving shoppers in-store. We can’t wait to get to New York, November 6-7, to keep the discussion moving . Our session will be on the 7th at 1:15 pm in the Learning Lounge (Room 8).

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Retailigence Closes-the-Loop on Rapidly Growing Mobile Product Search

Omni-channel solution allows retailers to generate incremental sales by offering shoppers the convenience of online shopping with same-day store pickup

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retailigence (, the leading Online-to-Offline (O2O) local marketing and commerce platform, announced today the immediate availability of a new reserve online for in-store pick-up solution, pre-connected to tens of millions of shoppers using various third party mobile shopping applications integrated with Retailigence. The new feature allows these shoppers to search for, find and reserve products for purchase at local retailers. Retailers implementing this new omni-channel solution from Retailigence gain incremental sales revenue while offering their customers the convenience of online shopping with immediate in-store pickup.

Much like online reservation systems for the restaurant industry, the Retailigence platform allows consumers to make reservations for retail products via the Retailigence in-app interface, retailer shopping apps or the retailer’s own site. However, unlike other solutions, the Retailigence solution is pre-connected to billions of dollars of demand through the entire Retailigence appNET ecosystem of third party mobile shopping apps.

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