Retailigence Announces First Cohort of Partner Ecosystem Apps

Retailigence Corporation, which launched at Under The Radar on November 12 2010, announces a lineup of new application developer partners. These web and mobile partner applications are using the Retailigence product availability API to deliver location-based shopping experiences to their respective user communities.

Retailigence aggregates inventory and availability information from retailers and makes this data available to any web or mobile application via an open API. The company’s technology connects ‘brick and mortar’ local stores with mobile shoppers who want to save time by finding in-stock products for immediate touch, try-on or purchase. Retailigence connects to back-end inventory solutions and unlocks that data for use in the widest possible range of mobile and web platforms.

The web and mobile applications that are part of this initial cohort of partner applications demonstrate not only the need for such a service but also the creativity that is being put to work in order to make web and mobile apps more location friendly.

“Since our official launch in Nov 2010, the response from the application development community has been tremendous. We’ve got more than a 100 applications that are in various stages of development and will be releasing soon”, said Retailigence’s Jeremy Geiger. “This first announcement highlights the fact that application developers understand our model and are readily adopting our API into their products. This is fantastic news for retailers because the data that they share with us is surfacing organically within the experiences that these apps are driving with their users. Application developers are responding because their users are demanding relevant location information and on the flip side retailers are responding because our one-to-many approach is eliminating their need to build out an elaborate infrastructure to support local mobile commerce.”

Some of the applications that will integrate the Retailigence API are:

  1. PricePad: PricePad users find the best deals by quickly and easily scanning product bar codes with the iPhone camera, and comparing retail-store prices against the best deals online. It’s great for saving money on groceries, books, videos and the latest gadgets on your wish list.
  2. Where can I buy (By Mobilistar): ‘Where can I buy?’ by Mobilistar is an augmented reality application built on the Layar platform to help users find the product they are looking for in a quick, cool and engaging way.  A simple search will reveal the nearest locations with the products in camera view (Augmented Reality view), users are able to switch to a map view or a distance ordered list. Layar is the world’s most popular AR Browser and can be freely downloaded for iPhone and Android.
  3. Scandit: Scandit is a free social shopping application that empowers consumers to shop smarter and share their shopping experiences with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, text messages and e-mail. With its next-generation barcode scanner, seamless social network integration and comprehensive product data, Scandit lets consumers easily scan product bar codes, compare prices, read reviews and solicit feedback from their friends. Scandit is available as a free download for iPhones and Android smartphones.
  4. YouScoopIt: You Scoop it is a social community that helps you discover, connect with, and share the places you go, the people you know, the things you do and the deals you find.  Check-in, find deals, earn rewards, write reviews, report news, and add your two cents.
  5. Shoppo: Shoppo makes finding products fun! No longer will you have to drive around town chasing product availability. The app not only shows you who has what you are looking for, it also maps where the store is located and provides directions. With a push of a button, you can also call the store and request that the item be put on hold for you.
  6. AppCityLife: APPCityLife, Inc. produces free What’s APPening® mobile community Guides for geo-located access to everything living, working, and playing. CityLife™ guides are created by locals who are passionate about their community through alliances and partnerships with government, universities, the tourism and business industries and small businesses to provide some of the smartest crowd-sourcing available. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the company was named one of the hottest startups of 2010 by Venture Beat.
  7. DoTogether: DoTogether is a hosted social media marketing platform that lets retail businesses expand the reach of their products on Facebook and capture the social interaction analytics. These analytics let the retailers fine-tune their promotions/social media campaigns. The users benefit from being able to get recommendations from their social network, create wish lists and ask questions to experts in the community.
  8. Stipple: Stipple is an in-picture labeling tool that allows publishers to label and share any person, place or thing in the photos on their site. By activating Stipple on a site, publishers offer their users a new layer of content, commerce and information from on top of their photo content. Stipple lets publishers label and monetize the content inside the pictures on their sites. Stipple is a fast way to label the content of pictures on the web. Stipple combines these labels with retail offers, social commerce and other services, depending on the type of label created. When users mouse-over a Stippled picture, they can discover the labels, info and/or offers.

“Retailigence provides fast and accurate local product and commerce information for out photo content.  Together, we enable our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for and where to get it — all with a single click of the mouse.” – Rey Flemming, Founder and CEO of Stipple.


“Scandit is leveraging Retailigence to offer more local prices and inventory data to its fast-growing user base.” – Samuel Mueller, CEO of Mirasense. 


“By adding Retailigence to APPCityLife’s in-app advertising and promotions along with our local business directories, we are able to create the perfect trifecta for easily finding what you want when you want it.” – Lisa Abeyta, founder and President of APPCityLife, Inc.


“PricePad is the complete solution for price comparison, so after integrating with Retailigence, our users can

conveniently check prices from nearby stores directly on their smartphones.” – Matthew Chiu, Founder and CEO of PricePad.



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