Retailigence | CES and the Coffee Connection
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CES and the Coffee Connection

09 Jan CES and the Coffee Connection

Sometimes all it takes to make a connection with a person – or a brand – is a cup of coffee.

We discovered the power of a cup of Joe in the extreme hustle and bustle that is CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. CES turns Las Vegas into a city obsessed with consumer technology. Everything from personal health monitors to cameras to audio equipment to coffee is on display, either on the show floor or in hotel suites up and down the Strip.

We were fortunate at CES to be able to present Retailigence and our technology solutions to Nescafe, a leading coffee brand owned by food giant Nestle. We talked with Nestle’s marketing team about Retailigence’s ability to generate awareness for the Nescafe brand and – here’s the magic – transform that awareness into consumer intent and sales.

By using Retailigence’s reserve online capability, we showed Nescafe how their youthful, motivated buyer in the 16-30 year old demographic could be given an incentive to reserve coffee online – for later pickup – in response to Nescafe mobile display ads. No coupons or discounts involved, just a meaningful, timely and actionable connection with the consumer.

Think about it. You’re on the go and you receive an ad on your mobile device directing you to a convenient location where you can  pre-order a cup of delicious, fresh-brewed coffee. You reserve your coffee with a quick tap on your mobile device and pick up that precious cup along the way to wherever you’re headed.  Whether it’s for a one-off, “taste it and try it” promotion, or a hyper-local new product launch across multiple neighborhoods or metro areas, Retailigence brings brands like Nescafe a great way to engage directly with consumers.

In fact, we got their attention – take a look at this AdAge story that recaps Nescafe’s take on innovative technology solutions they’ve seen at this year’s CES, including Retailigence. Grab your favorite cup of coffee – Nescafe, of course – and consider the ways in which matching a buyer’s interests to local availability of goods and services will make the consumer’s life better. Time savings, VIP treatment, a fun experience – it’s all possible when you reserve online and pick up in store.

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