Retailigence | Developers Use Retailigence to Create Cutting-Edge Mobile Shopping Apps at Sears Hackathon
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Developers Use Retailigence to Create Cutting-Edge Mobile Shopping Apps at Sears Hackathon

25 Sep Developers Use Retailigence to Create Cutting-Edge Mobile Shopping Apps at Sears Hackathon

At the end of August, Retailigence had the honor of participating in a Hackathon hosted by Sears Holding Company.  As reported just prior to the event by Clint Boulton from the Wall Street Journal (Sears Hosts Hackathon to Court Software Developers), the objective was to attract software developers who can write applications which help Sears better leverage online and mobile marketing channels to increase both in-store and online sales.  Contestants could win as much as $10,000 in cash and prizes from Sears as well as the chance to work on app development projects directly with Sears.  Retailigence was one of six API solution partners invited to participate in the event that turned out to be a resounding success.

The competition attracted nearly 300 attendees who worked in teams to develop cutting-edge mobile shopping and commerce applications designed to easily integrate with Sears Open API platform. Developers also had the option of integrating API’s from Retailigence along with five other technology partners as part of their application solutions for Sears.  Out of the 41 teams that submitted apps, 16 teams chose to integrate the Retailigence API based on technical merit.  Developers using Retailigence reported the company’s appNET API fast and easy to use with the relevant features they were looking for to create an exceptional shopping application.

Developers also noted having one API (Retailigence) covering all of store inventory, location details and product information enabled them to create applications featuring more actionable data, especially when delivered on a location-enabled mobile device.

In addition to cash and prizes from Sears, Retailigence awarded $1,000 to the development team making the most effective and creative application using Retailigence’s API. We were pleased to announce Proximiant, a mobile receipt management driven CRM and loyalty platform for retailers, as our winner.  Their focus on reinventing receipts as an effective vehicle for personalized CRM and marketing, Click-to-Service platform, and a crowd sourcing feature that routes questions to shoppers who purchased the same product, stood out to us as a valuable and exciting use of Retailigence’s API. In addition, Proximiant’s smooth user interface, real value-add to shoppers and their bridge between the online and offline shopping experience made the digital receipts app maker a clear winner.  For more information about their interactive receipts platform and mobile SDK, please visit:

Fang Cheng, CEO of Proximiant remarked: “the Retailigence API allowed us to create an auto answering service for inventory checking questions through our interactive Click-to-Service platform and provided a great enhancement to our app.”

Retailigence was honored to participate in this exciting Hackathon weekend with Sears and the development community.  We look forward to continuing our work with Sears, supporting their online-to-offline marketing and commerce programs.

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