Why Retailigence?

  • Do you want to increase your user engagement and frequency of use?

  • Are you looking for a centralized source for local product data?

  • Would you like to increase downloads and revenue?

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Provide Users With Highly Actionable Data

Connecting The Offline World Of Retail To Online Devices

Retailigence provides a simple way to add retail product and store location information in a relevant manner.

Users Want Hyper-Local Data

The most relevant information for mobile users is highly influenced by where they are located. Retailigence’s hyper-local retail data gives consumers highly actionable data tailored to their shopping needs at the moment and place of their inquiry.

One Connection For Local Retail Data

One Feed To Feed Them All

In an incredibly fragmented industry, Retailigence provides a central hub for retail systems and consumer-facing applications to connect. The data feed we distribute comes in one format so you no longer have to change how you handle feeds from hundreds of different retailers.

Monetize Your Apps

Are you interested in monetizing your application? Please contact us to inquire about upcoming opportunities.

Access To Our Basic Service Is Free

Product Search API

The Retailigence API, which consists of more than 10M products and 100,000 US store locations, can be utilized by a wide variety of applications to help mobile shoppers find nearby products they want in the same way they use mobile apps to find nearby coffee shops.

Many Different Use Cases

The Retailigence API is versatile enough to integrate into a wide variety of applications. Check out our App Network page to see how developers are already using our data.

Access To Our Basic Service Is Free

There is no cost for developers to use our standard API’s. If you would like to utilize Retailigence to handle client data integration, please contact us to discuss potential business arrangements.

Easily Add Local Product Information To Your App

Retailigence offers both a Product Search and a Location Search API.
Please contact us for a test key.

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