Why Retailigence?

  • Would you like to increase foot-traffic and sales?

  • Are you looking for a way to engage consumers via their mobile phones?

  • Do your customers frequently inquire about product availability?

  • Are you seeking more information about your customers?

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Reach Shoppers With High Purchase Intent

Increase Foot Traffic & Local Sales

Our service is designed to help stores and brands market their products to consumers who are actively looking to buy. If you knew there was a shopper nearby looking for something you sell, wouldn’t you want to let them know you have it – right now?

Target Nearby Shoppers

Shoppers are increasingly using location-enabled devices (i.e. smartphone, tablets, GPS, etc.) throughout their path-to-purchase. Retailigence powers the local data behind many of the tools they engage with on a regular basis.

Provide The Information Shoppers Want

Not only does today’s demanding consumer want to know where they can buy what they want, but they also want help to make an informed purchase decision. Retailigence can help you give them both.

Enable Social Shopping

Via our app network, Retailigence can also help you engage consumers on social networks like Facebook & Twitter.

Manage The Complexity Of The Mobile Space

One-Stop, Multi-Platform Solution

Retailers and Brands connected to Retailigence can easily share their information across a multitude of applications and websites on practically any device available today. Whether mobile shoppers are using an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, if you are using Retailigence, they’ll be able to find you.

Solving The Omni-Channel Puzzle

Trying to maintain current information updated across all channels is a big enough challenge and the fast-growing mobile channel accelerates the pace. With Retailigence doing the work, you simply point developers looking for a product feed to us. They can access all the information they need, whenever they want, without taxing your IT team.

Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

IT invests heavy doses of time and money to ensure accuracy and security of data. Using anything other than enterprise-grade connectivity can jeopardize the accuracy or credibility of the business. Retailigence has certified integrations for some of the leading ERP and POS systems, and many years of systems integration experience. We talk your language.

Create A Better Mobile Strategy

Having Your Own App Is Not Enough

Many Retailers and Brands are spending enormous amounts of money to develop their own apps and mobile websites. While great for engaging their most loyal customers, how do they attract new customers? Retailigence can help boost your mobile investment by ensuring your product selection is accessible in the apps that consumers turn to first.

Apps Are The New Yellow Pages

It has always been a no-brainer for a store to be listed in the local Yellow Pages. Now that people turn online to find what they’re looking for locally, it’s increasingly important to have a presence in the location-based tools consumers turn to first – local internet and mobile apps are the new Yellow Pages.

Understand Shopper Trends

Location-Based Analytics

Retailigence can help you easily track highly sought after products — by location. Our analytics also allow you to understand which stores are better engaging mobile shoppers.

Monitor Industry Trends

Retailigence provides unique data insight into trends across multiple platforms and applications. We can give you insight into which markets are responding well to mobile marketing and programs and which markets may currently be underserved.

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