Retailigence | Social Giants Poised To Boost Online-to-Offline Promotions, Traffic, & Sales
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05 Aug Social Giants Poised To Boost Online-to-Offline Promotions, Traffic, & Sales


Online-to-offline promotions have been gaining considerable momentum and recently, they have found a home in social commerce. Social giants Twitter and Facebook are forging their way into commerce with a major goal of helping brands and retailers drive in-store traffic and sales.

Twitter recently announced its acquisition of CardSpring, a platform that allows developers to create electronic coupons, loyalty cards and virtual currencies that work with credit cards. Since the payments company helps create online-to-offline promotions, users will be able to add deals to their tweets.

A recent article in Re/code explains it well, “While Twitter users currently have to tweet a specific phrase to get a discount, in the future they might be able to simply click a button in a tweet to load the discount to their cards. If these are embedded in promoted tweets, Twitter’s ad business could see a boost, too.”

“Such a feature could be used by retailers to target location-based deals to Twitter users.” Marry this feature with local inventory and pricing data and we’re looking at a close-to flawless path-to-purchase — from social ad to local store complete with loaded product coupon!

Up next, Facebook makes their play. The social behemoth announced the creation and testing of a “Buy” button intended, among other purposes, to help drive offline purchases. This feature will let consumers click the Buy button on ads and page posts to buy a product directly from a business – via mobile or desktop – without leaving Facebook.

“Smart retailers will offer, and even encourage, buy online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS) functionality through the Buy button. Many consumers prefer the immediacy of picking up an item in a nearby store to waiting for a delivery, and retailers benefit from the resulting increase in store traffic and secondary purchases,” writes Chain Store Age Editor Dan Berthiaume.

Selecting BOPIS indicates critical shopper commitment and brings a brand or retailer that much closer to making the sale. A BOPIS button right on Facebook would really boost Facebook’s potential as a platform for executing omnichannel transactions and with accurate local inventory data could create the ideal path-to-purchase — from social button to local store.

While well-positioned to boost online-to-offline promotions, traffic, and sales, these social giants have just barely scratched the surface.  Imagine taking social commerce one step further and having the ability to embed Twitter “load coupon” or Facebook “bopis” buttons directly into targeted social ads containing specific products located in stores nearby. Social commerce would quickly become a main driver of in-store traffic and sales. Moreover, with this kind of access to store level data, social campaigns and their direct impact on specific product sales could be more accurately measured.

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