The Retailigence Platform connects brick-and-mortar stores with consumers in this new era of smartphone driven commerce. We can help you make the sale.

In addition to driving foot traffic and sales, Retailigence helps you navigate the complexity of the mobile space by providing a centralized solution to manage your mobile presence and gain valuable insight into retail trends on a hyperlocal level.


You’ve launched multi-million dollar ad campaigns to make consumers aware of your products. Utilize Retailigence to ensure they can easily find them nearby when they’re ready to make the purchase.

Retailigence can also provide you with dynamic hyperlocal ads that include true calls to action that viewers can act upon immediately, either online or offline.


Today’s shoppers are armed with smartphones, mobile apps, and location-based services that they frequently utilize to gather information about the products they want to buy.

Through the Retailigence API, web and mobile applications can easily and efficiently provide their users with accurate local availability and pricing information ensuring high user engagement and satisfaction.